Industrial flooring with hardners 

CHEM-FLOOR SL EP is a specially selected solvent free epoxy system for new and old concrete floor to provide a hard wearing. Chemical resistant, impervious and easy to clean floor topping, can be applied in 2, 3, 4 & 5mm thickness, available in range of colours,  uitable for Phamacutical, Food, beaverage & Cemical industries.

Epoxy Flooring System

CHEMDRY SHAKE is a quartz-silica mixture of finely graded non-metallic aggregate, plasticizer and cement binder. It is an economical concrete floor hardener recommended for both interior and exterior use. It is particularly valuable because of its non-rusting characteristics when floors will be frequently wet. CHEMDRY SHAK is available in eight non-fading colors as well as natural.

Floor Maintenance Rehabilitate

CHEM-HARD sealer is a proprietary blend of siliconate polymers which penetrates concrete surfaces providing an increase in abrasion resistance and a reduction in the surface absorption of liquids. The product reacts with elements in the concrete surface resulting in a low sheen which enhances the appearance of the concrete surface. CHEM-HARD is water based and V.O.C. compliant.